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Our Story

Danielle Lee-Ziadie, founder and CEO of Greathouse Gourmet, was born and raised in Jamaica but migrated to the United States where she earned her law degree. She currently resides in South Florida but has maintained strong ties to her Jamaican home and its diverse culture and exquisite culinary flavors.

While attending law school, Danielle realized that for the sake of her wallet, and her waistline, she could not afford to continue dining out every day. Unfortunately, she lacked the time and basic skill set to fend for herself in the kitchen. She turned to her close friend and chef, Tanya Roberts, for assistance. One evening while socializing over fine food and several cocktails, Danielle expressed an interest in developing her culinary skills and asked Tanya for her guidance.

Despite her enthusiasm, Danielle’s busy schedule left her little time to devote to a thorough culinary education. She believed that the best approach was to find a single product that would provide a simple way for a kitchen novice such as herself to infuse gourmet flavors into every-day preparations. Moreover, this product would need to combine a sweet, soothing flavor with a playful, spicy kick to satisfy her island palate.

Together, Danielle and Tanya searched amongst a large variety of products currently on the market but were unable to find one that carried the flavor profile they wanted. So, they decided to create one themselves. Danielle and Tanya started with an old pepper jelly recipe, utilizing the unparalleled Jamaican Scotch Bonnet Pepper, tweaking and modifying it to create the perfect balance between sweet and spice. After achieving the perfect sweet heat blend, they took it one step further and added fruit flavors to the mix. The result was four masterfully blended, gourmet-flavored pepper jellies.

Danielle believed that there were many other people who, like her, desired a product that would add layers of robust flavors to every-day simple preparations. She decided that her line of pepper jelly products was just what the market needed. She formed Greathouse Gourmet and partnered with Tanya to develop and bring the products to market.

In 2014, Tanya left the company to focus on her family and her catering company. Danielle continues to nurture and grow the company along with a dedicated team of talented individuals.

Greathouse Gourmet products are available through the company’s website as well as gourmet stores and farmers' markets throughout Florida.